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Air ConditioningAir Conditioning

As you know, living in Sunny Southern California, especially the San Fernando Valley, it can get uncomfortably hot here. Fortunately most vehicles have an A/C system to cool you off. Automotive A/C is great when it works but it does have its problems. We can help. We have trained and certified technicians to solve your A/C needs.

Common Problems

The most common problem with A/C is a refrigerant leak. A leak can occur from any of the components in the system including the hoses, compressor, drier, condenser, evaporator, and switches. It makes no sense, and can be illegal, to add refrigerant to a leaking system. Other problems include bad compressors, restricted flow, electrical and or control problems.

Refrigerant types

There are many types of refrigerants used today. We only use the most widely acceptable ones, r12 and r134a. While r12 is being phased out, it works better in systems that it was designed for and is still available. We do not recommend retrofits.

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